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Caribbean American Politician Slams #Hashtag Democrats

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 13, 2018: A dynamic Caribbean American City Councilman and candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor is taking a stab at the Democratic establishment candidates, dubbing them “#hashtagdemocrats.”

Grenadian roots Jumaane Williams, who on Monday, was arrested for protesting Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan, says people “are tired of #hashtagdemocrats.”

Williams on Thursday afternoon took a direct jab at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the current Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul.


Tweeting a story from The Intercept which said some of Cuomo’s biggest donors rake in millions from immigration agency, ICE real estate contractors, Williams tweeted: “This may be why @NYGovCuomo  won’t say #AbolishICE or why the current Lt Gov wanted to turn undocumented immigrants over to ICE and believes their job is simply to be ‘advancer in chief.’”

The Intercept quoted a report from the New York-based watchdog group Public Accountability Initiative, which said luxury landlords across the state collect millions in rent from the agency — money they have turned around and funneled to Cuomo’s political campaigns.

Cuomo’s primary challenger, actress Cynthia Nixon, who has called for abolishing the US ICE, told the Intercept in an emailed statement that “while its reprehensible that Governor Cuomo has profited from ICE’s existence, it’s hardly surprising.”

“Many have been bewildered by the Governor’s continued support for ICE as its atrocities mount and so many other New York leaders have called for ICE’s abolition,” she was quoted as saying. “Now we have an explanation: the Governor won’t call to abolish Trump’s rogue deportation force because his donors don’t want him to.”

Williams on Thursday joined advocates from across the state to submit more than 65k petition signatures to be on the Democratic ballot this fall.  He is currently the council member for the 45th District of the New York City Council and is a Democrat. The district includes East Flatbush, Flatbush, Flatlands, Marine Park and Midwood in Brooklyn, NY.

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Eden Green Technology™, a Next-Generation Farming Company, Debuts Crisply, a Freshly Picked, Pesticide-, Herbicide- and Chemical-Free Produce Line

DALLAS, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Eden Green Technology, a next generation vertical farming company, unveiled Crisply, a locally grown, freshly picked produce line today.

Eden Green Technology’s Crisply produce, which is non-GMO and pesticide-, herbicide- and chemical-free, can be found in Walmart stores beginning in Texas next month. Eden Green Technology is believed to be the first vertical future farm able to scale to meet the produce needs of existing regional food distribution systems. Eden Green Technology will be the first company to offer freshly picked produce, grown locally at next-generation vertical farms, on a large scale.

“We are elated to make fresh, handpicked greens available to everyone who wants to eat high quality, nutrient-rich produce without spending an entire paycheck,” said Jaco Booyens, co-chair of Eden Green Technology, a privately held Dallas-based company, which has been in stealth mode for two years.

“We pick our produce, package the same-day, and stamp the date when they are harvested on the package so consumers know exactly how fresh their salads are. We also make it possible for our retail partners to put our produce on their shelves immediately after they’ve been harvested, in some cases that same day. No other company does that,” Booyens added.

Eden Green Technology’s Crisply produce grows in greenhouses in proprietary vine-like systems. The company’s technology encloses each plant in a medium less (no soil), microclimate bubble, which is monitored and optimized for growth and mitigating contamination. Engineers Jacques and Eugene van Buuren, who initially built their first greenhouse in South Africa, created the novel technology.

Eden Green Technology expects to grow 10 to 15 harvests a year, compared to an average of two harvests for conventional, soil-based farms. The company’s technology enables plants to feed on a continuous flow of nutrient-filled water and natural sunlight instead of LED lights; this enables the company to save on energy and optimize produce growth and nutrients. The greenhouse also captures carbon gas, which the plants absorb for fuel. With the use of sunlight, Eden Green Technology facilities use less electricity so that their energy cost is one-eighth the cost of cooling regular greenhouses.

Private investors have invested $22 million in Eden Green Technology and its expansion. Eden Green Technology’s unique business model is not dependent on government subsidies.

“Eden Green Technology not only cracks the food code, it cracks the scale code,” said Jack Dweck, co-chairman and founder of Earthbound, which researches agricultural and fresh food technologies. “Its ability to scale tremendously well makes them viable economically, and that is key against any competition.”

The first Crisply produce line includes multiple lettuce, greens and herb varietals. Crisply will also offer fresh Stevia leaves in an industry-first sweet salad blend. The produce is planted, picked and packed at the same facility, and kept in an unbroken cold chain to the retailer, decreasing the chances of contamination.

“Eden Green Technology intends to put premium produce at accessible prices on grocery shelves as well as donate fresh produce regularly to food banks so they can be distributed to areas that have long been considered food deserts,” said Trey Thomas, CEO of Eden Green Technology.

The company will donate the first and best portion of every harvest to local communities in need. The North Texas Food Bank will be the first U.S. food bank recipient.

“Access to fresh produce is critical to the success of the North Texas Food Bank and to the health of the neighbors we serve,” said Trisha Cunningham, president and CEO of the North Texas Food Bank. “The vision that we have laid out for our organization is to create a hunger free, healthy North Texas; we know that it will require the support of innovative partners like Eden Green Technology to turn this vision into a reality. We thank them for their generosity as part of the First Fruits initiative and can’t wait to provide this healthy food to our neighbors in need.”

Photos and other visual assets:
Eden Green Technology’s website:

About Eden Green Technology
Eden Green Technology, a Dallas-based privately held company, is revolutionizing agriculture at a time when accessibility to safe, healthy and affordable foods is urgently needed. Eden Green Technology grows produce quickly and safely on its proprietary, closed “micro-climate” bubbles and vine systems. The company’s first product line, Crisply, offers organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, herbicide-free, chemical-free produce. Eden Green Technology wants to ensure accessibility to fresh produce for all populations. The company’s goal is to eliminate the problem of fresh food accessibility for every family no matter their economic situation.

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Corona Renames The World Surf League’s Bali Pro To “Corona Bali Protected” To Bring Attention To Marine Plastic Pollution

KERAMAS, Indonesia, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — As title sponsor of the WSL’s Bali Pro Championship Tour event, Corona is transforming the previously announced “Corona Bali Pro” and renaming it “Corona Bali Protected.” This name change is aimed at sounding the alarm on one of the biggest threats to the survival of our oceans: marine plastic pollution. It stands for the vision of turning Bali into a pilot project, a blueprint for solving this global environmental issue by implementing the Parley AIR Strategy.

Last May, Corona made an ambitious commitment with Parley for the Oceans to protect 100 islands around the world from marine plastic pollution by 2020.  In addition to this commitment, Corona and Parley are now inviting brands of the consumer packaged goods industry to join a task force with the objective of leaving a lasting legacy in Bali’s coastal regions through the implementation of the Parley AIR strategy – Avoid plastic, Intercept plastic debris, and Redesign materials and products.

This new initiative will kick off at the start of the Corona Bali Protected event window with the following programs:

  • Beach cleanups with volunteers and ambassadors from Corona, Parley, and WSL PURE, the philanthropic arm of the WSL dedicated to ocean health. The cleanups will be organized in close collaboration with local communities, activists, and NGOs.
  • An immersive experience at the Corona x Parley Pavilion that will educate attendees about how plastic is destroying paradise while also highlighting ways that consumers, local industries, and global brands can all be part of the solution.
  • Inspirational and educational Parley Talks featuring Parley ambassadors and WSL athletes at the Casa Corona.
  • The Corona Highline specialty heat, a WSL-sanctioned surf competition featuring jerseys made from Parley Ocean Plastic® and surfboards and fins made from eco-innovative, upcycled materials.
  • 100% single-use plastic-free events and activations with recycling programs on-site. The Komune Resort & Beach Club, an eco-friendly resort which will host the event, is already setting the example in Bali with a plastic-free philosophy and progressive recycling facilities.

With this event, Corona and Parley are kicking off a series of collaboration sessions with local activists and NGOs, government authorities, local industries, and global consumer packaged goods brands with the objective of creating a 5-year action plan, which will be presented in October 2018 in Bali.

While this event will raise awareness for the need to protect Bali from marine plastic pollution, the Corona x Parley partnership has already made an impact in several regions around the world.  The Parley AIR Strategy is being implemented on over 30 islands in the Maldives, expanding to new islands in Australia, Mexico, Chile and the Dominican Republic.

The Corona Bali Protected in Keramas, Bali, Indonesia will take place from May 27 – June 9, 2018. For additional information, visit and

Born in Mexico, Corona is the leading beer brand in the country, the most popular Mexican beer worldwide exported to more than 180 countries. Corona Extra was first brewed in 1925 at the Cervecería Modelo in Mexico City and is still proudly produced entirely in Mexico.

Corona is a pioneer in the beer industry by being the first to use a transparent bottle showcasing its purity and high quality to the world. Each glass bottle is produced in a glass factory in Mexico owned by the brand. The artwork found on the bottle is hand painted, highlighting our commitment to quality in our packaging and our Mexican heritage.

No Corona is complete without the lime. Naturally adding character, flavor and refreshment, the lime ritual is an integral part of delivering an experience that is truly unique to Corona. The brand is synonymous with the beach and celebrates time outdoors. It invites people to pause, relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

The World Surf League (WSL) is dedicated to celebrating the world’s best surfing on the world’s best waves through a variety of best-in-class audience platforms. The League, headquartered in Santa Monica, is a global sport with regional offices in Australasia, Africa, North America, South America, Hawaii, Japan and Europe.

The WSL has been championing the world’s best surfing since 1976, annually running in excess of 180 global events across the Men’s and Women’s Championship Tours, the Big Wave Tour, Qualifying Series, Junior and Longboard Championships, as well as the WSL Big Wave Awards. The League possesses a deep appreciation for the sport’s rich heritage while promoting progression, innovation and performance at the highest levels, and in doing so crowns the undisputed world champions in Men’s, Women’s across all divisions within the tour.

For more information, please visit

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Vitel Mobile Announces Exclusive Partnership with Hyundai Mobile

SEOUL, South Korea, May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Vitel Mobile, Inc, largest open market Authorized Distributor for Samsung and LG in Latin America, has just announced today that it has also partnered exclusively with Hyundai Mobile to launch and distribute its full mobile line up.

This partnership is unique as production and commercialization are managed by Vitel Mobile, Inc. along with Hyundai’s licensing department, which will oversee all of the devices’ design and quality control.  Hyundai Mobile devices are a reintroduction of the brand.

“Hyundai Mobile’s Android Smartphones have been very well received in the market,” said Mr. Rommey Bahhur, CEO of Vitel Mobile, Inc.  Mr. Bahhur also went to say that the Hyundai Mobile’s price point fills a void in a category were top tier brands are not present.  Hyundai Mobile complements Vitel Mobile’s handset offering of well positioned worldwide brands at all levels of consumer wants and needs.

Hyundai Mobile’s current model lineup will include 9 different handsets, with 3G and LTE capabilities, at a range of USD$39-89 at the point of sale.   Mr. Bahhur also concluded that, “We are very excited about this partnership; having such a worldwide recognized brand as it is Hyundai, at very affordable and attractive prices, is a game changer in the industry.”  Hyundai Mobile devices are being currently distributed and sold throughout all Latin America and the Caribbean and now in the USA.

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Pizza Hut To Expand Caribbean, Latin America Footprint

PLANO, Texas, and MADRID, Spain, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Hut, a division of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM) and the world’s largest pizza restaurant company with nearly 17,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, and Telepizza Group (BME: TPZ), the largest non-U.S. pizza delivery company worldwide with more than 1,600 stores in over 20 countries, today announced a strategic deal and master franchise alliance to accelerate growth across Latin America (excluding Brazil), the Caribbean, Spain (including Andorra), Portugal and Switzerland.

The landmark deal doubles Pizza Hut’s footprint in the regions covered by the alliance; places Pizza Hut in the number one position in the category across Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of unit count; and confirms Pizza Hut’s position as the world’s largest pizza restaurant company. As a result of the alliance, Telepizza Group will become Pizza Hut’s largest master franchisee globally by unit count and a leading multi-country pizza operator worldwide.

“This ground-breaking deal is a major milestone in our journey to become the most loved, fastest growing pizza brand in the world, and Telepizza Group is the ideal partner with the capability, commitment and capital to accelerate Pizza Hut’s expansion into key high-growth regions like Latin America,” said Milind Pant, President, Pizza Hut International. “Geographically, this long-term, strategic alliance with Telepizza Group will make Pizza Hut accessible to more consumers over time, helping fulfill our mission of making it easier to get a better quality pizza.”

“Our alliance with Pizza Hut delivers on Telepizza Group’s strategic plan to transform pizza delivery with a management model grounded in improving the customer experience through best-in-class operations,” said Pablo Juantegui, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Telepizza Group. “The deal accelerates our global growth plan, nearly doubles the scale of our business and extends our international reach to 37 countries, which represent more than 500 million potential consumers. The aspirations and capabilities of Telepizza Group and Pizza Hut International are complementary, and we are confident this deal will drive significant value for customers, employees, franchisees and shareholders as it represents an ideal platform for future growth opportunities.”

“At Pizza Hut International, we’re focusing all of our innovation, technology investments and franchise alliances on delivering the easiest, fastest and tastiest pizza experience wherever we operate,” said Enrique Ramirez, Global Chief Growth Officer, Pizza Hut. “Telepizza Group is the ideal partner to help us deliver on this focus across Latin America (excluding Brazil), the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, because of their incredible depth and capability in franchise operations and supply chain management. Leveraging the strong experience of our Pizza Hut franchisees, we expect this to accelerate the growth of Pizza Hut with a best-of-both approach.”

Highlights of the alliance include:

  • Spain and Portugal. In Spain, where Telepizza is the leading player, and in Portugal, Telepizza Group will continue operating the Telepizza brand, but it will also operate Pizza Hut stores and oversee Pizza Hut franchisees. Telepizza will leverage the best of Pizza Hut capabilities and well-known signature products.
  • Latin America (excluding Brazil) and the Caribbean. As master franchisee, Telepizza Group will oversee Pizza Hut franchisees who will continue to operate Pizza Hut stores in Latin America (excluding Brazil) and the Caribbean.  Telepizza Group will also progressively convert its existing stores in this region to Pizza Huts and leverage Pizza Hut’s brand awareness to accelerate store network expansion and boost entry into key growth markets.
  • Unit Development Growth. Across the regions covered in the alliance, Telepizza Group will target opening at least 1,300 new stores over the next 10 years, and 2,550 stores total over 20 years. The vast majority of the new store openings will be Pizza Hut, including all stores in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Supply Chain: Telepizza Group will manage Pizza Hut’s supply chain in Latin America (excluding Brazil), the Caribbean, Spain (including Andorra), Portugal and Switzerland and will become an authorized supplier of Pizza Hut establishments. Both groups will explore further possibilities of collaboration in this field worldwide.

Completion of the alliance will be subject to certain conditions, including regulatory approvals and approval by Telepizza Group shareholders.

Impact to Telepizza

The alliance will nearly double Telepizza Group’s store portfolio to more than 2,500 units and €1.1 billion (1.3 Bn $) in system sales, making the company present in 37 countries with more than 500 million potential consumers. Telepizza Group will leverage its strong operational capabilities to crystallize the significant industrial synergies resulting from the combined platform, and will also benefit from its enlarged footprint to accelerate its international growth expansion. All this will be achieved without impacting Telepizza Group’s leverage profile nor its dividend policy and preserving Telepizza Group’s commitment with its current network of franchisees, targeting €100 million (120 M $) EBITDA by 2021.

Impact to Pizza Hut

This landmark deal moves Pizza Hut to the number one position in the category across Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of unit count. Across all the markets covered in the alliance, Telepizza Group will oversee nearly 1,000 Pizza Huts and contribute nearly 1,500 of its stores to Pizza Hut’s global unit count.  Pizza Hut International franchisees in these regions will continue to operate their businesses, under the management of Telepizza as a Pizza Hut master franchisee.  This strategic deal is a long-term initiative by Pizza Hut expected to result in accelerated unit development and operating profit growth on what will be a combined initial unit count of nearly 2,500 stores. The transaction is not expected to have a significant impact on Yum! Brands’ core operating results or cash flows over the next few years.

About Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), has more restaurant locations in the world than any other pizza company. Founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kan., Pizza Hut operates nearly 17,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit

About Telepizza

Telepizza Group, headquartered in Madrid, operates in 23 countries with Telepizza and Jeno’s Pizza brands, among others, and celebrates 30 years with over 60 million of pizzas delivered worldwide. The Company manages a total network of 1,607 stores including 441 owned stores and 1,166 franchisees and master franchisees (as of 31 December, 2017) and is the leading player by number of stores in Spain, Portugal, Chile and Colombia. Total sales in its network, including own stores, franchisees and master franchisees, recorded as chain sales, amounted €561.6 million euro in the 12 months ended December 31, 2017. Telepizza Group is listed in the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges with its shares starting trading on April 27, 2016.

About Yum! Brands

Yum! Brands, Inc., based in Louisville, Kentucky, has over 45,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries and territories and is one of the Aon Hewitt Top Companies for Leaders in North America. In 2018, Yum! Brands was recognized as part of the inaugural Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index and ranked among the top 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Corporate Responsibility Magazine. In 2017, Yum! Brands was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index. The company’s restaurant brands – KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – are global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories. Worldwide, the Yum! Brands system opens over seven new restaurants per day on average, making it a leader in global retail development.

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Global Standards Leader ASTM International Launches “Caribbean Roadshow”

WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pennsylvania, May 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — ASTM International, one of the world’s leading standards organizations, announced today that it will host several events in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana as part of the “Caribbean Roadshow,” June 4-8.

The roadshow includes outreach, training, and education focused on the growing use of ASTM International standards and International Code Council (ICC) codes. The team will highlight longstanding Caribbean partnerships and focus on how standards and codes are the foundation for quality and safety in construction projects.

Activities also include industry workshops and meetings with high-profile groups in Kingston (June 4-5), Port of Spain (June 6), and Georgetown (June 7-8). Speakers will include Mark Johnson, executive vice president of ICC, and R. Christopher Mathis, ASTM International board member and president of MC2 Mathis Consulting.

“This partnership involves unprecedented outreach and networking aimed at finding solutions to sustainable construction challenges,” said ASTM International director of external relations, James Olshefsky. “We look forward to highlighting the many members and dozens of partners who increasingly use ASTM’s high-quality standards throughout the region.”

In addition, the roadshow will include student forums during which students will learn about ASTM’s academic offerings, and laboratory roundtables, where ASTM staff will present information about ASTM’s laboratory services.

ASTM International has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) as well as all of its member states including Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guyana. These agreements encourage participation of technical experts worldwide in the standards development process, while also broadening the global acceptance of ASTM International standards.

The “Caribbean Roadshow” follows a similar roadshow in September 2017 to El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Over the past 17 years, ASTM International has signed 109 MOUs with national standards bodies worldwide. As a result, its standards have been referenced more than 7,500 times outside the United States in laws, regulations, codes, and elsewhere. For more information on this program, visit

Follow the Road Show on Facebook and Twitter (#ASTMRoadShow).

About ASTM International

Committed to serving global societal needs, ASTM International positively impacts public health and safety, consumer confidence, and overall quality of life. We integrate consensus standards – developed with our international membership of volunteer technical experts – and innovate services to improve lives… Helping our world work better.

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Caribbean News – Caribbean Court Reduces Manslaughter Sentence Of Guyanese National

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 11, 2018: The Caribbean Court of Justice, (CCJ), has reduced the manslaughter sentence of a 49-year-old Guyanese national

In the case of Teerath Persaud v The Queen, CCJ justices ordered that Persaud’s manslaughter sentence be reduced from 25 years to 18 years with a discount for time already spent in custody.

Persaud would serve a remaining 13 years and 339 days starting from 11 December 2012.

The case dates back to 2008 when Persaud and Christopher McCollin went to rob the home of Persaud’s former employer and saw 16-year-old Anna Druizhinina, the former employer’s step-daughter.

They bound her hands and feet and tied a towel around her face. Persaud watched as McCollin used a piece of wire and looped it around Anna’s neck and threw the other end over a beam in the ceiling.

McCollin made her stand on a paint can and bucket, placed one on top of the other. They left her there while they searched for items to steal. She eventually fell from the containers and was strangled.

On  February 3, 2010, McCollin pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter. At his sentencing hearing, the DPP and McCollin’s attorney agreed to facts in a previous statement given by McCollin to the police, which essentially portrayed Persaud as the main conspirator.

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Having considered the circumstances of the case, Justice Worrell sentenced McCollin to 16 years’ imprisonment less 20 months that he had already spent on remand.

On September 11, 2012, Persaud also pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter and the DPP and his attorney also agreed to facts in a previous statement given to the police that portrayed McCollin as being the main conspirator.

The judge in this case, Madam Justice Crane-Scott, found that this was a serious case of manslaughter on the borderline of murder with numerous aggravating factors and so she said that in her sentencing process she would use a starting point of 30 years.

From this 30 years she reduced the sentence by four years for Persaud’s early guilty plea and an additional year for his previous clean record, his cooperation with the police, as well as his expression of remorse. The judge therefore sentenced him to 25 years imprisonment with a discount of 4 years and 26 days for time already spent in custody.

Persaud took his case to the Barbados Court of Appeal on two grounds, first that his sentence was unreasonably longer than McCollin’s and, secondly, that the sentence had been excessive because of the misapplication of the aggravating and mitigating factors in the case. However, the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal.

Persaud then appealed to the CCJ arguing essentially the same grounds argued in the Court of Appeal. The CCJ concluded that the concept of parity in sentencing was an important principle in the law of sentencing and that persons whose personal circumstances are similar and whose legal liability for the offence are relatively the same should receive comparable sentences.

The CCJ was not convinced that the case against Persaud was so dramatically different from that against McCollin that he should be sentenced to an additional term of nine years imprisonment.

The CCJ also found that the starting point of 30 years adopted by the judge in Persaud’s case was too high and that she should have started at 25 years. The Court said that an additional two years should be added for the aggravating factors in this case but gave a discount of one-third for his early guilty plea. This resulted in a sentence of 18 years.

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Caribbean Diaspora News – University Of Guyana Launches Diasporic Association 

News Americas, BROOKLYN, NY, Fri. May 4, 2018: Guyana’s top tertiary institution, The University of Guyana, is tapping into its Diaspora, with the launch of a Diasporic association.

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, said the move is to continue efforts to transform the institution through ‘Education Resource Ambassadors’ who are patriots and individuals in Guyana and in the Diaspora, irrespective of whether or not they are alumni or former faculty and staff of the university.


The group will be headed by Allison Skeete, who will serve as president. The First Vice President is Leslie Stewart while the Second Vice President is Philip Smith. Other members of the leadership team are: Secretary – Dr. Terrence Blackman; Assistant Secretary: Ms. Karen A. Wharton; Treasurer: Dr. Rosalind October-Edun; Public Relations Officer: Dr. Dhanpaul Narine; Parliamentarian: Dr. Frank Denbow;  Executive Committee Member – Dr. Candace Cummings  and Executive Committee Member: Kishore Seaunarine

The team has been working as members of the Alumni and Friends of The University of Guyana (AFOUG), which recently secured a non-profit status and host their inaugural fund-raising gala which provided a donation of US $2,500 to the Vice Chancellors’ Fund at UG.

The Vice Chancellor’s Fund has served 11-13 students and staff who lost their homes to fire in 2017, with each being presented $100,000-GYD to assist them in recovery from their losses.




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$20 Million Class Action Settlement Reached for Purchasers of Solodyn®

NEW YORK, April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ –I f You P u r c hased So l od y n ®   a nd/or Its Generic Equivalent You Could Get Money From A Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

A proposed $20 million settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit involving the antibiotic drug Solodyn®. The lawsuit claims that Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp., Impax Laboratories, Inc., Lupin Limited, Lupin Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Sandoz Inc. (the “Defendants”) violated state competition (i.e. antitrust and consumer protection) and unjust enrichment laws by agreeing not to compete with each other and keeping lower-cost generic versions of Solodyn® off the market. The Defendants deny this. No one is claiming that Solodyn® is unsafe or ineffective.

W ha t does the settlement provide?

To settle the lawsuit, Impax Laboratories, Inc. has agreed to pay $20 million into a Settlement Fund to settle all claims in the lawsuit brought on behalf of consumers and health insurers known as third-party payors. This settlement is in addition to the $23 million settlement recently announced with Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.

Class Counsel will ask the Court to award attorneys’ fees in an amount not to exceed one-third of the Settlement Fund, plus interest, litigation expenses and incentive payments to the Class Representatives.  After these deductions, the remainder of the Settlement Fund will be distributed pro rata to Class Members who file a valid claim form. The amount of money you are eligible to receive will depend on how much you (and other consumers) paid for Solodyn® or generic versions of Solodyn®.

W h o is included?

Generally, you are included in the Classes if you purchased, paid and/or provided reimbursement for some or all of 45mg, 55mg, 65mg, 80mg, 90mg, 105mg, 115mg, and/or 135mg Solodyn® and/or its generic equivalent prescription in AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, FL, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, LA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SD, TN, UT, VT, WA, WV, WI, WY, DC and PR, in tablet form, from July 23, 2009 through February 25, 2018, inclusive. Certain third-party payors are also members of the Classes.

You are NOT a member of the Classes if: you paid a “flat co-payment” for all of your prescription drug purchases regardless of whether they are brand or generic; you are one of the Defendants or an officer, director, manager, employee, subsidiary, or affiliate of any Defendant(s); you purchased only directly from Defendants or for resale purposes; you purchased or received Solodyn® or its generic equivalent only through a Medicaid program; you are a Pharmacy Benefit Manager; or you are the judge in this lawsuit or a member of the judge’s immediate family.

How do I get a payment?

You must submit a Claim Form by July 31, 2018 to be eligible for a payment. The Claim Form, and instructions on how to submit it, are available at or by calling 1-800-332-7414.  If you previously submitted a Claim Form for the Medicis settlement, you do not need to submit another Claim Form.  Your previous Claim Form will be used to calculate any payment that you may be entitled to.

W ha t are my other rights?

If you are a Class Member, you may comment on or object to the proposed Settlement. To do so, you must act by June 18, 2018. Details on how to comment or object are at

The Court will hold a hearing tentatively set for 3:00 p.m. on July 18, 2018, to consider whether the Settlement and all of the terms are fair, reasonable, and adequate. These deadlines may be amended by Court Order, so check the litigation website noted below.

F o r More Information or to Request a Claim Form
V is i t w w w. So l odyn C a s e.c o m
Call 1-800-332-7414

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Caribbean News – U.S. Coast Guard Sends Back 50 Haitian Migrants

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. April 20, 2018: The U.S. Coast Guard has repatriated 50 Haitians back to Haiti Tuesday.

The repatriation is a result of an interdiction conducted by both the U.S. Coast Guard and Cuban Border Guard, in which the vessel was intercepted with 127 Haitian migrants. The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Reliance located an overloaded 70-foot sail freighter Saturday approximately 20 miles off the northeast coast of Cuba.

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The Reliance crew launched their Over-the-Horizon small boat to assist the migrant vessel taking on water. The small-boat crew transferred 50 Haitian migrants to the cutter. The other 77 migrants refused lifejackets and the vessel entered Cuban Territorial Seas. The Cuban Border Guard took custody of the remaining 77 migrants.

“This case is one of many inherently dangerous voyages interdicted this year in the unforgiving waters of the Caribbean Sea and Florida Straits,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jeremy Montes, 7th District duty enforcement officer. “These ventures are ill advised because they place the people aboard in grave risk of injury or death due to the unsafe loading of the vessel and lack of adequate lifesaving equipment. The Coast Guard and our partner agencies continually monitor the maritime border of the U.S. to deter, detect and rescue migrants who embark on illegal and life-threatening voyages.”

Approximately 1,334 Haitian migrants have attempted to illegally migrate to the U.S. since Oct. 1, 2017, compared to 1,869 Haitian migrants in fiscal year 2017.

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